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Have you ever wondered why we are so affected by the moon? Since ancient times the full moon has been associated with madness. Lunacy (coming from the latin Luna, for moon) was thought to increase around the point where the moon was fullest in the sky. 

This theory is still alive today. In fact, there are 50% more accidents around the full moon. ER’s are seen to double in capacity. In fact, psychiatric hospitals have been known to sedate their patients preemptively, since the full moon seems to activate their wilder side.

To understand how the moon affects us, we must first understand how the moon affects water. The moon has a gravitational pull that rises the ocean tides to their highest, during the full moon. Known as a tidal force, this magnetic pull when the moon is the fullest is what is responsible for waves, currents and movements of water bodies. Planet earth is 71% water, so 

How can the moon affect us so much? 

Scientifically, humans are made of around 60% water, with the heart containing 79% water and the brain containing 75% o


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