Welcome to illume !

An online transformational program that will help you illuminate your shadowside, heal your core wounds, embrace somatic healing & lightwork.

In this program we will delve into the subconscious patternings, wounds & motivations. We will become aware of our conditionings in order to heal them, and reprogram them into something that works *for* us rather than *against* us. We will develop practices and mindfulness techniques in order to show up for ourselves and practice self-love and lightwork on a regular basis.

Some important information:

Here is the illume manual — this contains all the info covered in video lessons.

Here is the reiki manual — containing all the light lessons from the reiki one training.

Here is the workbook with writing exercises and templates for each module of the program.

For additional support get in touch to set up your 1:1 with Rio at rio@inneralchemy.academy

with love,