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An immersive training program in heart-centred shadow-work, somatic healing and reiki practitioner certification.

Experience profound personal growth and become an empowered lightwork practitioner.

​’Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’ – C.G. Jung​

​The subconscious accounts for the 95% of consciousness. That is to say, we are only aware of 5% of our thoughts, and the other 95% are unknown, in ‘the shadow’.  This shadow side is the part of yourself that you cannot see clearly, or likely at all. Stemming from a young age (primarily 0-7 years old) the shadow is formed of the conditionings, traumas and repressed emotions accumulated in the human experience. The naturally occurring parts of ourselves that we were told to be unacceptable by our culture, society, teachers, peers.

The shadow can appear as: 
– toxic impulses + addictive habits
– repeating same patterns + attracting same dysfunctional relationships or situations
– emotional outbursts, aggression, passive aggression
– ego-centric delusion, dissassociation, daydreaming
– self-sabotage, possessiveness, manipulation
– fear, desire, anger, anxiety, panic attacks, depression

So why is it important to heal the shadow? Well, the shadow tends to take the reins in the most inopportune moments (omg) in attempt to sabotage our best efforts in personal growth and positive change. Spooky! So working with the shadow brings the unhealed shadowy stuff to the surface so we can recognize it when it does arise. Once we bring it into consciousness awareness, we are able to integrate it into the whole. It’s not about destroying the shadow (which would only create more shadow!) but rather it’s about accepting it, working with it, and finding its higher vibe expression in order to transmute it into a superpower.

Shadow work is like being the personal detective of your life. It’s thrilling. It’s messy. And at times it can be fun! But more than anything it is SO important and worth it to reclaim your conditionings and transmute your challenges into STRENGTHS. Transfer all that energy to work *for* you, rather than against you. This way your greatest obstacles become your greatest strengths. I know it sounds cliché, but that’s because it is true!illume‘s intensive program is designed to bring to the shadows to the surface and move through them with a series of holistic mind-body techniques, coupled with intensive trainings of bioenergetics and introspective practices to radically empower healers to heal the self — and spread the light!

Rio’s Intro to Shadow work class was a gentle, yet powerful introduction to meeting our unconscious wounds. The class left me feeling refreshed, deeply relaxed and with a new found confidence that I have the ability to heal some of the darkest aspects of myself. Rio’s ability to hold space for transformation, even (and especially) at a distance, never ceases to amaze me.” – Jane

“illume has been a life-changing experience for me. I had no idea what kind of energy I had stored in my body + this program allowed me to unfold that hidden energy I didn’t know was there. I am so grateful for Rio sharing her wisdom + light with us + am excited to continue on my own journey with this work.” – Vero