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Curious About Reiki? Here’s What to Expect During a Session (and How Much it Costs)

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that uses gentle touch to balance energy in the body. It’s gained popularity in recent years as more people discover its deeply relaxing and restorative effects.

So what exactly happens during a Reiki session?

You’ll relax fully clothed on a massage table or comfortable chair. Soft music may play in the background as your Reiki practitioner gently places their hands on different parts of your body. Many people experience Reiki almost like a guided meditation – you may see colors or feel subtle sensations of heat or tingling. Most importantly, an overwhelmingly peaceful feeling washes over you. All the nagging worries of everyday life just seem to drift away.

A typical Reiki session lasts 60-90 minutes and you can request specific areas of focus like your back, neck, shoulders or any place that’s feeling tense. Many clients report improved sleep, less anxiety, increased energy levels and faster healing after regular Reiki appointments.

Now the big question: how much does Reiki cost?

Prices can range widely, but in Canada you can expect to invest around $100-$200 per session. Remote or “distance” Reiki sessions often cost less at around $80-$150 per appointment. Packages of 3-5 prepaid sessions usually provide the best overall value.

Of course, each Reiki practitioner has a unique approach. I offer in-person Reiki in a serene, candlelit treatment room as well as more affordable remote sessions. Feel free to browse my website to learn more about the customized healing experiences I provide.

I hope this quick guide gave you a helpful Reiki overview! This gentle, non-invasive therapy has benefited so many people. If you feel drawn to experience it for yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out and book an appointment. I’d be honored to guide you into deep relaxation and a recharged state of being.


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