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Transform your shadowside into a superpower

‘Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’

– C.G. Jung

Experience profound personal growth & become empowered with somatic healing & bioenergetics.

illume‘s comprehensive online program brings the shadows to the surface to heal & transform, with a series of mind-body techniques & thought exercises.

Coupled with immersive trainings in bioenergetics to become radically empowered to heal the self & become a certified Reiki Practitioner.

7 modules for every layer of your psyche

Where the shadow meets the light.

Activate your inner alchemist.

Discover the transformative power of shadow work.


Rewire neural pathways, mantras and neuroplasticity. Transform your shadow into a superpower

Boundaries + Forgiveness

Cutting cords, energetic barriers, the importance of forgiveness and having healthy boundaries

Shadow Work, E-motion + Bioenergetics

Shadow work 101, basics of somatic healing, and energetics of e-motion. illume program regime.

Relationship Patterns

Attachment Styles, Love Languages + Control Dramas

 The Nervous System + Early Childhood Development

The vagus nerve + early childhood development, nervous system regulation

Inner Child Work

Core Wounds + Core Wounding Patterns, Inner Child Healing


Integration of shadow work and light work. Embrace your totality and become totally you. Integration assignments in every module.


Each Module contains Light Lesson for Subtle Energy Techniques + Energy Work, Hypnosis Meditations + Integration assignments

Shadow Work

Inner child healing, subconscious rewiring of neural pathways.

Somatic Healing

Release blockages and stuck emotions from the body.

Energy Work

Become a certified Reiki practitioner and become your own healer.

The subconscious accounts for the 95% of consciousness. That is to say, we are only aware of 5% of our thoughts, and the other 95% are unknown, in ‘the shadow’.  This shadow side is the part of yourself that you cannot see clearly, or likely at all. Stemming from a young age (primarily 0-7 years old) the shadow is formed of the conditionings, traumas and repressed emotions accumulated in the human experience. The naturally occurring parts of ourselves that we were told to be unacceptable by our culture, society, teachers, peers.
The shadow can appear as:

Unconscious Patterns

  • Toxic impulses

  • Addictive habits

  • Repeating same patterns

  • Attracting same dysfunctional relationships or situations

Emotional Dysregulation

  • Emotional outbursts

  • Aggression; passive aggression

  • Fear, anger, anxiety, panic attacks, depression

Destructive Tendencies

  • Self-sabotage

  • Possessiveness

  • Manipulation

  • Abuse

Psychological Dysregulation

  • Ego-centric delusion

  • Dissassociation

  • Excessive daydreaming

Rewire your Subconscious,

Live Deliberately

Embark the exhilarating adventure of shadow work. Become the personal detective of your life. Unravel the mysteries, embrace the messiness.
But let’s be real, this journey is more than just a wild ride. It’s a transformative experience that holds incredible significance.
Imagine reclaiming your conditionings and turning your challenges into strengths. It’s like channeling all that energy to become your own secret weapon, to work for you — rather than against you.
When you learn to harness the power of your shadows — Your greatest obstacles become your greatest assets.
It might sound like a familiar idea, but clichés exist for a reason – because they reflect an undeniable truth.
Are you ready to rewrite your story and unleash your hidden potential?
The adventure awaits.

“illume has been a life-changing experience for me. I had no idea what kind of energy I had stored in my body + this program allowed me to unfold that hidden energy I didn’t know was there. I am so grateful for Rio sharing her wisdom + light with us + am excited to continue on my own journey with this work.”

- VERONICADietician Nutritionist

“Rio’s Intro to Shadow work class was a gentle, yet powerful introduction to meeting our unconscious wounds. The class left me feeling refreshed, deeply relaxed and with a new found confidence that I have the ability to heal some of the darkest aspects of myself. Rio’s ability to hold space for transformation, even (and especially) at a distance, never ceases to amaze me.”

- JANEBee Keeper

“If you're curious about shadow work and want to give it a try, Rio de ki's workshops are a great choice! She creates a really welcoming space to learn, get into your element, and walk away with value gained from the experience. It's a great balance of intensity and comfort, so you feel pushed to try something new and challenge yourself without feeling too vulnerable or put on the spot. It was great to celebrate the full moon with like-minded individuals and take time out to do something special for myself.”

- AMBROSEMusician

the adventure of your lifetime

the adventure of your lifetime

the adventure of your lifetime

the adventure of your lifetime

the adventure of your lifetime

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you


12+ hours of pre-recorded video lessons, integration assignments. Reiki One Certificate + Attunement session. At-your-own-pace. Lifetime access.



Self-study + monthly group coaching calls + healing circles. One 1:1 session with Rio with holistic coaching + bioenergetic therapy and quantum healing to assist your journey.



Ouroboros + four 1:1 bioenergetic + mentorship sessions with Rio. Support in-between sessions with text + voice messages via Voxer.


Her extensive qualifications include Reiki Master/Teacher, Reflexologist, Craniosacral Therapist, Hypnosis Practitioner, Restorative/Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, + Sacred Dance Facilitator. She holds a B.A. in Religious Studies + Philosophy with a concentration on Eastern Religion + Esoteric Traditions.

As a registered Naturotherapist with Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada, and a certified Holistic Health + Wellness Metor with the International Association of Wellness Professionals, Rio is dedicated to guiding her clients on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being.

Rio de Ki

Inner Alchemy Facilitator, Bioenergetic Therapist

After 15 years training, Rio blends various holistic practices to facilitate inner alchemy and somatic healing through the mind-body connection. Through her expertise in bioenergetics, Rio empowers her clients to connect with their innate abilities, release blockages, and rewire neural pathways to realign with their highest potential.

Rio issues insurance receipts under Naturopathy for 1:1 sessions.

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