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Unleash the power of the mind-body connection

Become empowered with Radically transform with Experience deep healing with Learn the secret science of bioenergetics.



Discover the profound wisdom & healing power within your own body. Learn simple but effective techniques to unlock physical tension, release trapped emotions & ignite vibrant health from within.

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Virtual and Live Trainings

 in Montreal.

Live Workshop – Montreal 2024

In this interactive workshop you will be guided to access and release emotion stored in your body, find strength in sensitivity, and learn everyday tools to regulate the nervous system.
༄ Intro lesson on the art & science of bioenergetics, nervous system regulation & somatic release
༄ Guided mind-body exercises to access & release stored emotion in your body
༄ Breathwork, hypnosis, reiki & reflexology hands-on assist
Limited capacity | $50 – $60 sliding scale
Sunday July 28 – 2PM – 4PM – Cabinet Holistique – Bilingue (530 Beaubien Est)
Saturday August 4 -2PM – 4PM – Cabinet Holistique – Bilingue (530 Beaubien Est)
Sunday August 11 – 2PM – 4PM – Cabinet Holistique – Bilingue (530 Beaubien Est)
Wednesday July 31 – 7PM – 9PM – Studio 414 (10 Avenue Pins Ouest #414)
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Unlock your mind-body connection

Activate your inner alchemist to heal & transform

If you are called into the healing arts in 2023 there is no coincidence. The world needs more healers now than ever before. Embark on the exciting new path of energy worker.

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Become a practitioner

Become a certified Reiki Practitioner & Quantum Healer. Embark on an exciting new career path to facilitate healing & change lives along the way.

Learn the art of bioenergetics

Learn to tap into source energy to ground, restore, recharge & harmonize. Work with humans, animals, plants & gemstones.

Develop Your Intuition

And become more perceptive to the subtle energy field through your senses. Expand your awareness. Transmute your sensitivity into a superpower.

Gain a lifelong toolkit

Learn valuable techniques to protect & nourish your energy field, harness & perceive the subtle energy realm & become empowered in sensitivity.

Remove blockages & attachments

Cleanse energetic & emotional fields to remove deep rooted blockages, traumas & clear negative patterns.

Energetics of Spiritual Biz

Learn the ins and outs of running a spiritual biz with soulful marketing, heart-centred offerings + soulpreneur strategy that feels aligned to you.

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Become a certified Quantum Reiki Master

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Learn the art of bioenergetics & take healing into your own hands. Embark on an exciting new path as a practitioner.
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Heal your shadow & become a lightworker

I'm Ready
Transmute your pain into wisdom. Integrate your dark side to reclaim your power to work for you, rather than against you. Transform your shadow into a superpower.
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Become empowered with Naturotherapy

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Receive 1:1 support to heal on a cellular level. Online and Live sessions available. Bioenergetic Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Naturotherapy.

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When you expand, the universe expands.

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